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Fairy-Accelled Palkia+Lugia?

Guest ArtichokeCat

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Ok...after the Fairy Accelled Ursaring Disaster....I made this new deck based off of the suggestions made in the last one....here it is!

EDIT- i just added pyroar...



2-2 Aromatisse line (obviously...it's to move energy for attacking and retreating with fairy garden!)

2 Palkia EX (sets up lugia)

2 Lugia EX (is a beast)

2 Deoxys EX (boosts palkia, is a beast with helix force)

1 Keldeo EX (+fairy garden switches)

1-1 Pyroar line (wall for palkia ex to strafe into)

1 Xerneas (accelerates)



4 N

4 Professor Sycamore

1 Shadow Triad

2 Colress

1 Skyla


2 Level Ball

3 Ultra Ball

1 Team Plasma Ball

3 Colress Machine

2 Tool Scrapper

1 Super Rod

1 Switch


3 Fairy Garden

Tools (including ACE SPEC)-4

3 Muscle Band

1 Life Dew (wish i had Dowsing Machine)



6 Fairy Energy

4 Plasma Energy

2 Double Colorless

2 Rainbow Energy




Please leave comments and suggestions!

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I think when you have stuff like palkia and lugia, double colorless is often a good consideration

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You can also add 2 more Deoxys EX if you have them in your collection,it will really help for 1HKO 170 HP EXs.

Also you should ditch a Shadow Triand for an other Colress and also get rid of an ultra ball or a plasma ball for an other Skyla.

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