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I need help with an Accelgor/Trevenant deck.


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The first time I ran across a deck similar to this, I just had to make one, unfortunately I am not the best deck builder and am not so confident in my design here, but I know that there are plenty of helpful trainers in this game that are willing to give a helping hand!



Pokemon - 22


4 - 4 Trevenant

4 - 4 Accelgor

1 - 1 Dusknoir

2 Mew EX

1 Keldeo EX

1 Jirachi EX



Trainers - 34



4 Skyla

4 Sycamore

4 N

1 Colress

3 Ultra Ball

4 Level Ball

1 Computer Search

2 Rare Candy

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Super Rod

3 Evosoda

2 Float Stone

4 Muscle Band


Energy - 4











I understand that most of these decks run beach, but I traded all of mine away and won't pay 60+ packs to get more, so a beachless variant is crucial here. Sure it won't be as good as with beach, but I'm not taking this deck to tournaments or anything. That being said, should I run a stadium? There really isn't a need to counter the likes of frozen city with this deck, and virbank (the stadium I think this deck should run without beach) causes no drastic problems either, and on fact helps out with deck and cover's secondary effect.

I feel I need to add a Dusklops, and another duskull and Dusknoir, but I am not sure what should be taken out for this (or where to get these cards - I've been asking around for days).


Well, that's pretty much all the insight I can share. If you have any questions on my card choice ask and I will tell. Everything is in there for a reason, but I am not sure of any better options I could be running.

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that's fine I don't think this deck is as dependant on beach as others like flygon, altho I won't deny that its really good for the deck.


my variant runs 2/1/2 line for dusknoir and only 3/3 accelgor, instead of jirachi and keldeo I run 2/1 musharna line, buying time with munna's hypnosis and additional draw with musharna. I didn't bother with the keldeo thing because I just put the float stones on trevanant and the forest curse protects against tool scrapper already. I still maintain a 4 rare candy count just to make sure I can use it when I need it, and I also feel safer using it as discard fodder for ultra balls knowing I have more left.


I don't run much muscle bands and bangles because the aim for this sort of decks I feel is to accumulate and spread damage without knocking out your opponent's pokemon until you can knock all out, so my worry with the damage adding cards like bangles or virbank is that I'll end up dealing enough damamge to KO the opponent and free them from paralysis lock.


and I run dowsing instead of computer, just my preference.

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Since you're aiming to hit with mew more than accelgor I'd thicken up the mew count to 4, drop accelgor to 2-2 or 3-3, with the extra slot you gain maybe consider an extra keldeo in case that one gets prized. As someone else said add virbank as a stadium it'll help you accumulate damage.


I'd also suggest dropping muscle band, as setting it up each turn is likely going to be more trouble than it's worth since it gets shuffled into the deck each time you attack, maybe thicken up the dusknoir line instead(and as you mentioned add a dusclops). Also maybe add another super rod?

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