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Over 1000 missing cards, codes redeem but give no packs.


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So I signed into the game today after a little while of not playing and found that well over 1000 cards were missing from my collection. I still have about 240 cards attributed to my account and they seem to be ones that I've recieved through in-game rewards/coins.


The missing cards are ones that were obtained by redeeming codes (ie. I spent actual money on them) and cover boosters, theme decks and promos.


I've kept a record of every code I've redeemed since August 2013 and in all there's 119 codes worth of cards that have now vanished from my account.


I currently have a support ticket (currently a WIP) in for this (providing a list of the 119 codes I've lost) but wanted to see if anyone else had had this happen on such a large scale.


I also had a whole bunch of codes to put in (40 in total) so while waiting for a support response I plugged them all in and clicked redeem....and...nothing....no packs at all. So I tried redeeming a 5 card booster with my coins...and nothing...no pack...


So I sent in another support ticket (again with a list of the affected codes) about the codes redeeming but receiving no packs. Fairly quickly it was closed, naturally I assumed this meant the issue had been resolved but upon opening the game, no packs.


Now I don't know if it might take a few hours for it to show up, but it really seems like my support request was simply ignored. It was closed without a response and no resolution to the problem.


I kind of expected better.

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Hi robo3687,


Thanks for your report on this issue.


For your issue, I'd keep checking back with your Work In Progress ticket, the one that's still open. You can update it with the new issue if you'd like.


The Support Team tends to close duplicate tickets but your open one will be responded to when the team is able to do so.



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I just responded to your ticket to let you know that the issue has been resolved, and that the missing items from your collection should appear the next time you log into the game. I appreciate your patience while we investigated this issue, and apologize for any anxiety it may have caused.


For everyone's benefit, the issue was caused by a database maintenance tool that was recently implemented. In short, the Dev team implemented a tool which is intended to reduce the size of the game's user database and improve performance by automatically moving accounts which have not been accessed in more than 90 days to an archive. A small amount of an archived account's data is left in the game's user database to allow the account holder to log into the game at a later date.


Logging into the game with an account that has been archived triggers a tool which retrieves the users data from the archive and moves it back to the game's user database. In this case, there was a bug which prevented the retrieval tool from triggering when robo3687 logged into his account, so all he saw was the basic information left behind when his account was archived. The Dev team deployed a fix for the bug this morning, and have confirmed that the retrieval tool is once again functioning properly.


I'd like to give a big thank you to robo3687 for reporting this issue. We take the state of everyone's collection very seriously, and appreciate any help we can get in identifying issues like this before they become widespread.

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thanks Mike, I logged in this morning and all my cards were back, however the issue isn't completely resolved. The packs from the 40 booster codes I redeemed yesterday still aren't showing up, at first I thought they might have been automatically opened when my account was refreshed but there were a bunch of XY packs and I'm not seeing any XY cards in my collection.


Should I close my current ticket and then open one specifically for the missing packs or can this continue to be dealt with under this ticket?

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For the sake of keeping these issues separate, I'd recommend opening a new ticket for the missing boosters.

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