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Can't access anything in the game menu


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I've been trying to help my son redeem his booster packs online and this is more frustrating than trying to get an elephant to jump.


If you read the code cards instructions and go to the link, the information is wrong and misleading... that should get an update. Go to this website to redeem, however you need to install this game to do it and then good luck finding out where to go! I guess no big deal, but for someone who has never dealt with this it's been a bad experience.


His account is enabled to redeem packs. I finally found where I need to go, just to find the entire game menu is always grayed out.


I read the previous post, where someone had a similar issues not being able to access the shop. I doubt resources are an issue.


I got a i5, 8 gigs of ram, and currently use a gtx 750ti. I put the graphics to shame as instructed and the shop was still not accessible.


Is there anything else I can try?

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If adjusting the in game settings hasn't worked for you or you can't access them. Make sure your internet is stable and all necessary drivers are updated and installed. If the issue won't go away after verifying, try a clean install of the game:



First remove all traces of the Pokémon Trading Card Game client from your computer and re-download the game to a separate directory(folder) than previously used. Install the new files from this directory and attempt to relaunch the game.



If after the clean install, you've still got an issue accessing and viewing the game, I'd send a Ticket to the Support Team. You can quickly send them a ticket by clicking the link in my signature. Be sure to include details about what you've already tried. They should be able to give more in depth assistance.



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Hi Ben0614,


You are probably still in the tutorial. Click the Gear icon to enter your game settings and turn off "New Player Experience". You will then be able to see all options.

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