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Trading away my 2012 beach


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Hi guys,i am leaving this game for 2-3months,so i think they will be no point for me to store my beach.

I will keep this thread simple(Note,i do not offer according to TC price)


Class S

Darkrai ex FA,N FA, SR ultra ball


Class A

Yveltel ex,Keldeo ex,mewtwo ex,virizion ex,genesect ex,Rayquaza ex,deoxys ex,skyla,juniper(All FA)

Rare candy,max potion,emboar,blastoise(sr)


Class B

PS black ballista,lugia ex FA,landarus ex fa,Garbodor sr,Colress FA,random receiver sr,Garchomp sr,empoleon sr


I have categories these cards into 3classes

My beach will be either for any of these combination:

2 cards from class S + 1card from Class A

2 cards from class S+ 2cards from Class *

*** course,3cards from CLass S are most welcome :P)


Feel free to tell me what is your prefered combination here or request me to online to complete the deal

Its sad that I cant enjoy the FLASHFIRE release,cheer guys =)

Note: My principal, 1st come 1st serve ;)

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(Note,i do not offer according to TC price)


Believe me, that's very apparent.


Anyway, does anyone else think this thread makes very little sense? You dont want to "store" beach for 2-3 months, but you're willing to do the same with 2x FA Darkrai, SR U-Ball, etc?


Other than the ridiculous prices, something is not right here...

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The thread does make sense.

Beach is likely to get rotated which might drastically lower it's value. Making cards like FA Darkrai EX and SR Ultra Ball a safer investment.

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I agree with cymantex but don agree beach will totally lose its value.since its promo cards, its getting harder for collectors. When more old players left, they will bcome more 'unique'.juz like some promo outside now.but Cymantex is right, those sr and fa are safe bet juz like whqt I m doing now but rumours stated b and w cards will stay with new format introduce this year.hopes its real. =)

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