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Ampharos (Dragons Exhalted) Bug


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I'm aware that a bug with the ability has become known, however the other threads have referred to it being only present with darkrai on the field.


Today I encountered it facing a deck with a virizion EX and a ho-oh EX which both seemed to trigger this bug. Firstly the virizion did't take damage from ampharos' electromagnetic wall ability upon attachment of energy, secondly was when an energy was attached to ho-oh EX where ho-oh took damage from the ability but so did ampharos.


On a previous occasion i also encountered this bug outside of matches with darkrai, it was a deck with dodrio(retrea aid ability), mew prime, cradily, flygon, empoleon among others. Since all the pokemon which have so far triggered the bug have some sort of ability which affects the opponent's pokemon (i.e. lowers their retreat cost (darkrai), gives status immunity (virizion), allows the pokemon to be retreived from discard(ho-oh) etc) that there may be more cards that trigger the bug. In the deck with the mew prime the dodrio's ability lowered the opponent's pokemon's retreat cost.


Other abilities that don't center around pokemon such as deluge, inferno fandango, diving draw, dynamotor don't seem to activate this bug since they don't directly affect pokemon (they discard from hand, attach energy)

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Hello Trakyan,


We were only able to replicate this when Virizion-EX was in the active position and had a Grass Energy placed on it. After that, all Energy cards placed on Pokémon on that side of the field resulted in Ampharos receiving the three damage counters rather than the appropriate Pokémon.


I'll be submitting this bug to the Dev team for review. If you're able to replicate this without Virizion-EX, any more information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your reports! :)

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