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Making certain tasks faster


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The game is great. I mean, a trading card game that is neither pay-to-play nor pay-to-win (Thanks to the Theme Deck ladder)? There are still some things that can be improved, of course. For example, there are certain... tasks, that take much more time than they could


During a match


1) Discarding attached energy cards


Whenever you have to discard one of the opponent's active pokémon's energy cards, if all its energy cards are of the same type, discarding is done automatically. Whenever you have to discard one of your own energy cards and all are of the same type, this does not happen. What's the point in, like, asking the player to choose which energy card will be discarded after using Xerneas's Rainbow Spear if all its energy cards are Fairy? It should just discard a random energy card just like it happens to the opponent


2) Sending an Active Pokémon after the final prize card was taken

When the opponent takes the sixth prize card, the game still asks the player which pokémon he/she wants to choose as the next Active Pokémon... when a win condition was already fulfilled. The game could just send a random pokémon as the choice does not matter




1) Sorting pokémon by evolutionary line

A simple suggestion. A player is likely to have over a hundred different types of cards, and at some point one would like to check whether a certain evolutionary line is complete or not


If sorting by evolutionary lines happens to be too complex to make, perhaps in the Card Info screen, where the different versions of a card and its evolutionary stages are shown, add a 'Show Owned' checkbox. It could even be a simpler task


2) Look for trades


Wanting to trade pokémon cards through already existing offers can be more time-consuming than expected, as one not only has to check the pokémon's name, but the expansion and whether the other player wants a foil version or not. Perhaps a button that sends you to the trade screen and filters offers to that specific card could work


3) Daily bonus


For some reason, the game only checks once whether the daily bonus is available or not. You can log in at 11:59 PM (GMT +0) and the daily bonus would not be available until you log out and in again, even after it's 12:00 AM, when it could check, perhaps, every time one goes to the main screen

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Hi llDracoll,


Thanks for the detailed list of suggestions! :) I'm happy to say that your second suggestion, regarding win conditions, is already in the works. I'll submit the rest to the Dev team for review and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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