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BC Ditto bugs


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Currently this card does occasionally start all kinds of different glitches, none of them seems to happen consistently which makes it difficult to say what the problem might be.


Bug #1: Transform + Evolve issues

Transforming into a basic pokémon and evolving it (which occasionally doesn't work) sometimes creates a weird glitch where it seems like any energy attached to that pokémon have no effect. Which means you won't be able to attack or retreat, even if you have the energy required to do so. I'm not sure this glitch also applies to tools.

It seems whenever this glitch happens Ditto will be in the middle of the evolution line instead of on the bottom.


Bug #2: Ditto in the discard pile after transforming

Sometimes when Ditto is sent to the discard pile after transforming it will not count as a pokémon in there. Making it not add damage for Flareon's Vengeance. When this glitch occur's Ditto will slightly stick out of the discard pile, like it's still attached to a card in there.


Flashfire will soon hit PTCGO. Since Ditto does combo well with a Milotic from that set it might see a sudden jump in popularity. Hopefully the stability of this card can be increased before then.

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Hi Cymantex,


Thanks for taking the time to report these issues. I will send this information up for review.


Thanks again!

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Hi again Cymantex!


We were unfortunately unable to replicate either of these reports. Since they seem to happen at random, if you are able to pinpoint more specific reproduction steps or have any more information, please let us know.


The second issue may be related to another known issue with the discard pile, which the Dev team is investigating.


Thanks for your patience and your report!

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