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Diffferent Leagues


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As a new player on Pokemon TCG Online, and beign from Europe (which makes me not able, nor have access to buying gems).


I am finding it very hard, and all to challenging to even stand up against other players in the ranked mode.

What I am laking is a definant system that makes you able to play with players on your own level, and not only people who have huge and awesome pokemon cards.


I am seeing a trend where those people who dont really have much to deal with is playing in practise mode, as where players with extremly good set up decks, and a huge bunch of EX cards are playing ranked match ups.


My point is: There should be some way to set up different Ranking leagues, or a definant ranking system that will have you match up against players at your own level, so you can feel challenged and acctually be able to enjoy the game with out getting outclassed in the 2nd turn.


I am going to keep playing, but I am pretty sure most new players might feel discouraged to continue when they dont get to enjoy this unique trading card system.

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There have been hinting towards a level system in the past. You can see a print of it if you look up the October Community Update in the News Archive.


It's equally annoying to play against basic decks when you are looking to play against the best. It would really make PTCGO a much more enjoyable place to play. I really hope this is an idea they are looking to follow up on.

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