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Donphan / Machamp possible techs?


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I know its not 2010, but... I've been having fun playing my donphan/Machamp prime deck. One problem though: theres not enough backup attackers that can hit reliably in a pinch. Donphan's earthquake is good in the first few turns, but after that, 60 damage becomes subpar. Machamp is an amazing heavy hitter, but you need a full bench to use Champ Buster to the fullest. Unfortunately, I have no idea what good tech pokemon to have so that full bench could be accomplished. Please make some suggestions, as i'm stuck right now.


Here's My List:



  • 3-3 Donphan (prime)
  • 3-0-3 Machamp (prime)
  • 1 Terrakion NV
  • 1-1 Zoroark (Foul Play)


Need More Stuff, obviously lol. Any Ideas?

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Alright, I'm going to assume this deck is built for HGSS-NV since that's where it has the most potential. After NXD was released Mewtwo EX was featured in almost all decks, which really hurt the already shaky playability of Machamp prime.


Pokémon to consider:


Zekrom (+ other outrage dragons):

Excellent pokemon to put on the bench in Donphan decks. They just sit there and soak up all the damage while growing stronger every turn. Zekrom is especially nice since it can counter fighting-resistant pokémon like Tornadus and Yanmega prime both which was really popular during this era of pokémon.


Reuniclus (damage swap):

Since you already play a stage 2 line in Machamp it becomes easy to add in this excellent support pokémon for this kind of deck.

Works especially well in conjunction with Outrage attackers. The 30 hp Solosis can often be a major hindrance though.



Sometimes another great support pokémon. Especially good during the early stages of the game. It can often make Donphan into an unstoppable force when the only supporter is snagged from their hand.


Electrode Prime:

Dangerous, but very helpful in this sort of deck when it works.


Kingdra Prime:

Can really help with the math in this deck while picking of Cleffa and other weak/damaged pokémon on the opposing bench



During HGSS-On you couldn't search for rare candy with skyla, making it a much less consistent card. Unless you're playing a deck which can utilize Twins (which isn't the case with Donphan since it's meant to take early prizes). Considering this and the threat of Vileplume/Gothitelle decks really made the stage 1's an essential part of stage 2 decks during HGSS-On.

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i play the same deck with 2 landorus ex and 2 x mewtwo ex and it works very good.



Mewtwo EX 2x

Landorus Ex 2x

Donphan Prime 2-2

Machamp Prime 2-2-2

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I think there was a nice version of this on wacky decks...

check it out maybe it can do you some good :)


Edit: found it, look for donchamp on this page :

www@ @ @pokemontcg@ @ @com/forums/showthread@ @ @php?38451-Wacky-decks-incorporated

with the @ @ @'s replaced by .

I don't know why it censors that though I thought linking to pages within the forums was permitted...

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