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Easy beginner deck to make?


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Unfortunately you cannot make any really good deck with the free cards you receive alone. You need to hope for some good pulls from free packs to get one.


Nevertheless here is a deck list which is easy for new players on PTCGO to make. It can still put up a decent fight against the best of decks out there.


Free Fairy deck:

Only requires basic decks, rallying cry (another free deck) and 2x Resilient life (which you can buy in the shop for 500 tokens each).


Pokémon (15):

4 Xerneas

2-2 Aromatisse

2-2 Slurpuff

2 Bouffalant DRX

1 Kangaskhan PB


Trainers (31):

3 Level Ball

2 Pokemon Catcher

2 Random Receiver

1 Super Potion

2 Switch

2 Tool Scrapper

2 Ultra Ball

2 Bianca

3 Cheren

2 Colress

4 N

2 Juniper

2 Fairy Garden

2 Exp. Share


Energy (14):

10 Fairy

4 Double Colorless Energy

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Ideally you want to use the first few turns of the game to accelerate energy with Xerneas. While Aromatisse allows you to move those energy between different attackers and save as much energy as possible.

After enough energy is in play you can proceed to 2HKO EXs with Xerneas Rainbow Spear or Bouffalant's Gold Breaker. While you can hopefully use catcher if they try to hide on the bench.


One card that would improve this deck a lot is Mewtwo EX which really gives this deck a good chance to threaten the important 1HKO's

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Thanks again! I have some EX's.

-Jirachi EX

-Kyurem EX

-Mew EX

-Palkia EX

-Shaymin EX

-Venasaur EX

-White Kyurem EX


Is some of the cards interesting in the trading market? So I can accomplish the purchase of the Mewtwo EX

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Are those tradeable cards?


Jirachi EX is actually my favorite card, unfortunately it doesn't hold a lot of value.

You could consider using it in this deck. Being able to level/ultra ball for a supporter is always nice. You do create a small risk of starting with it though.


In that case there are a lot more improvements you can look to make besides adding in Mewtwo EX.

None of the mentioned cards isn't quite in the value range of a promo Mewtwo EX (promo is the cheapest print). You could easily trade 2 of the EXs for a promo Mewtwo though.




Other cards you want to consider looking for:



2-3x Mewtwo EX*

1-2x Xerneas EX

1x Keldeo EX

2-2-2x Dusknoir (Sinister Hand)

1x Mr. Mime (Bench Barrier)



2-4x Max Potion*

1x Dowsing Machine/Computer Search*

2x Juniper*

1-2x Super Rod*

1-2x Fairy Garden

2x Ultra Ball

2-4x Shauna

1-3x Skyla

2-4x Muscle Band

2-3x Hypnotoxic Laser (only if using Xerneas EX)


* = Higher priority


You can also use this deck with Prism and Rainbow energy. However that will make the deck a lot more expensive to build. It might still be something to consider if your collection keeps growing.

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No...I thought the 5 cards pack was tradeable. But thanks again. I'll come back to you when I have fullfilled the deck and gotten my Mewtwo's!

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Hey again, I have made the first deck you posted to me! It was awesome and haven't lost one match with it. So what card should I buy first, Mewtwo Ex? And what should I replace it with?


Also thanks again for the deck idea, it was exactly what I was looking for.

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