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Steel type deck


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Hi I just started to fix my deck and now I gotten some few cards from the booster pack (Real cards btw). I need more advice on what I should get or switch cards out for and etc. Suggestions/Criticisms are welcome






Trainer Cards:

Great Ball x3

Ghetsis x1

Evosoda x4

Max Revive x1

Shauna x2

Hard Charm x1

Super Potion x2

Switch x1

Potion x2

Pokeball x1

Professor's Letter x4

Team Flare Grunt x4

Professor Sycamore x1

Cassius x2

Roller Skate x1



Energy Cards:

Steel Energy x12

Rainbow Energy x1

Double Colorless Energy x1





Pokemon Cards:

Mawile x2

Pawniard x3

Bisharp x2

Honedge x3

Doublade x3

Aegislash x2 (Both King Shield)

Cobalion x1

Skarmory EX x1

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I just want to say I'm not a fan of one offs, but that's just me.

But anyways, here are some things I think most people will agree on:

Pyramiding is mostly a bad idea, so go 2-2 or 3-3 on the pawniard-bisharp line. Also, aegislash needs both forms to function properly or you will only be attacking every second turn, so i recommend running 2-2, one kings sheild the other the more offensive one.


Other than that I recommend maybe replacing the mawile and pawniard lines with klingklang plasmasteel 2-2-2 line to gain an immunity to EXes, a few silver mirrors could also widen what the deck is immune to as well.

I think you can afford to drop the rainbow energy as well, since your deck only uses steel energy to attack from what I can see and rainbow energy damages your pokemon.

Other than that i recommend running higher draw support like juniper, N, shauna, colress and the likes.


Rare candy is also another good idea, especially if you add the klingklang


That's just what I can think of off the bat, I hope it helps and sorry if I'm being too critical

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I'd say go full on with 4 aegislash with king's shield (or maybe 3 king's shield and 1 of the other) then get 1 or 2 keldeo EX and add in some float stones and switches.


idea is to be able to use King's shield every turn (keldeo's rushing in puts the aegislash back into the bench and resets the effect of king's shield, allowing for use on next turn) if you can't get damaged, your opponent can't take prizes while you continue to stack those 50 damage


be sure to run some stadiums, maybe skyarrow or pokemon center. idea is mainly to counter virbank city gym, king's shield protects from damage but not poison so hypnotoxic laser and virbank can slowly build damage, so countering with skyarrow can help reduce the damage from poison and also makes it easier to retreat keldeo if float stones aren't available, pokemon center allows for poison damamge to be healed when you return aegislash to bench with rush in


aegislash's attack is a bit expensive so might have to consider running victini EX for the turbo energise to speed up the energy buildup.

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