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Promo Kyurem ( and maybe others) wrong/no attacks


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I've been playing a few matches this afternoon with my Kyurem deck and I noticed that my promo Kyurem isn't working properly


When trying to use outrage with 2 water energies attached to it, it either only lets me retreat or doesn't let me select anything at all.


When I try to use outrage with 3 water energies attached to it, it makes me flip two coins for an attack and if one heads it does 30 damage flat even if kyurem has damage counters on it. If tails it does nothing. I haven't been able to flip 2 heads with it.


When trying to use glaciate with 3 water energy attached to it uses random attack damage for example: I used it against an Articuno and instead of only doing 30 damage to it and whatever was on the bench it ended up doing 120 damage.


When I used Keldeo to rush in and then retreat the keldeo with a float stone to put Kyurem back out, it doesnt let kyurem do anything at all. Even if it is fully equipped with energy and should be able to attack.


At first I thought it may have been some weird effect that my opponent put on me that I may have missed seeing. But that was definitely not the case as it was happening game after game.


This is my favorite deck to play it. It has a 89% win rate and I really don't want to lose it to a bug with one of my pokemon.

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Dear Moderator, I still experienced problem when using the BW44 Kyurem....although all energies (I used BW League Water energy) are equipped, I couldn't use any of Kyurem's attack...Appreciate yr help regarding this....thx

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Hello trainers,


This bug can be found in the Known Bugs thread in the Announcements subforum. As the Dev team is aware of the issue, I'll be closing this thread. Feel free to create a new thread or submit a support ticket (link in my sig) if you come across any other bugs.


Thanks for your reports and your patience!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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