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Option To Auto-deny/block PVP challenges in the settings menu


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Pokemon TCGO Staff/Developers,


I would like to suggest the inclusion of a simple check box option in the settings menu in-game that would block all PVP challenges from being received (so no deck-select popups, etc) while it is selected. A feature similar to the "appear offline" option of many other games/platforms, though a bit more specific.


A little background on why I proposed this idea, I am both a Youtuber and Twitch Streamer who has fairly recently started playing TCGO for several hours multiple times a week on my stream. I structure my videos around 3 phases: opening card packs, building decks/strategy discussion, and actual challenges. I actively accept friend requests from viewers (as it is more fun to challenge a variety of decks and have viewers participate in the fun), but this has unfortunately lead to significant numbers of challenge requests during pack opening/deck building sections of the streams/videos to the point where I cannot actually do anything but attempt to close the stack of challenges which seems endless. The additional confirmation dialog that "The challenge has been canceled" or "You have declined that challenge" just adds to the stack of windows I have to close. Having a simple toggle option in settings that would allow for this to be avoided until such a time as I wanted open challenges would greatly improve TCGO streamability and would probably also be useful for general players wanting to focus on trading or deck building without having challenges sent to them. The removal of that secondary confirmation dialog would also greatly reduce the user-side window stack.


A friendly message to the one sending the challenge "The player you have challenged has temporarily disabled incoming challenges" would be an good way to inform players when people don't want to be challenged (rather than the simple challenge times-out, re-challenge again spam that sometimes happens).


Thanks for your time,

GhostWolf aka GhostWolfGames

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