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Sell/Combine Cards, Resolution Support, Older Packs, Single Ca...


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  • It would be really cool if we could sell cards back to the factory (server) for Trainer Tokens.




  • I would also like to see the ability to merge certain cards together, for example:

Merging Meowths:


Two - You could get a Persian, or another Meowth

Three - You could get a Persian, a foil Meowth, or another Meowth

Four - You could get a Persian, foil Meowth, Meowth EX (if there is such a thing,) or another Meowth

Five or higher - Increased chances for not getting another Meowth, etc.


Again, it's just a concept idea.



  • Another idea would be the ability to buy single cards from packs. Maybe a gum-ball machine? Possibly one card from an XY pack for 12 or so tokens, or you could trade a certain amount of cards to get a new one. If you put more tokens than that in the machine you could get a higher chance of getting the card you want (it would randomly selected from your wanted cards/wishlist.)




  • I would like to see support for my native resolution which is 1366x768. I'm sure lots of people would like to see support for other resolutions as well.




  • I would like to see some older packs in the store, mainly from Diamond and Pearl. I collected a bunch of these cards when I was little, and I'm slightly disappointed I can't get the same cards. For example, I have a foil Entei, but he wasn't in XY or pokemon Black & White. Also, adding vintage packs from 1999 would be awesome!




  • I would also like to see AI tournaments that you can play in single player. It chooses random characters and matches them up bracket style, so it would provide a way to get trainer tokens after you beat the other cups (gold, platinum, city championship.) For example, choosing a tournament with more computer players would earn you more tokens.




  • Aside from those ideas, I would like to see a way to show off your achievements to brag a little (maybe have a number of achievements completed next to a player name.) It would give more of a sense of accomplishment. Also, possibly token rewards for completing achievements? Or maybe a separate daily goal checklist (defeat 5 trainers, defeat 35 pokemon, play 3 online matches, etc.) to get more tokens.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and making PTCGO,


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Hey miniluigi008,


Wow, thanks for all of the detailed suggestions! I'll have these sent up to the Dev team for review in a jiffy. In the meantime, I'll leave your thread open for discussion.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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