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Packs For Packs 1:2


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Hello, I look to trade any of my packs for other packs at 1:2 ratio.

~This thread is only for those who are interested for this, so if you are not please stop reading.~


So this works by choosing a set from what I have from below and you trade me 2 packs for it.


These are the sets that I have:


XY (many of them)

Legendary Treasures

Plasma Blast

Plasma Storm

Boundaries Crossed (Very limited)

Dragons Exalted (Limited)


I mostly want to trade XY packs since I have many, but other requests would be fine.

Also, I would prefer Plasma Freeze packs at the moment, since I have none of them.


Packs I would not accept:


BW-base set, Dragon Vault, Emerging Powers, Noble Victories.



Pre-BW packs such as Call of Legends, etc. I would love to accept them and I will reverse the ratio to 2:1 or maybe more, depending at that moment.



I won't be monitoring this thread (don't post anything below), so if you are actually interested in this, please add me in-game and send me a personal message.

My packs will probably not be tagged for trade, so you will have to message me first.

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