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Need some tips/advice & Rate my deck


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Hi I started to play pokemon cards (real cards and I'm still a beginner) and learning how to play not too long ago. I need some advice and tips on my deck. Need to know if I need improvements (pretty sure I need some). When I mean improvement I mean which card should I attempt to get (booster packs) or any cards I should replace with. Suggestions and Criticism are welcome. here's my deck:


{Fairy / Steel}


Trainer Cards:

Great Ball x2

Ghetsis x1

Evosoda x3

Max Revive x1

Shauna x1

Hard Charm x1

Super Potion x1

Switch x1

Potion x2

Fairy Garden x1

Professor's Letter x3

Team Flare Grunt x3


Energy Cards:

Fairy Energy x6

Steel Energy x6

Rainbow Energy x1

Double Colorless Energy x1


Pokemon Cards:

Spritzee x1

Aromatise x1

Jigglypuff x3

Wigglytuff x2

Snubbull x1

Granbull x1

Mawile x2

Pawniard x3

Bisharp x2

Aron x1

Lairon x1

Honedge x3

Doublade x3

Aegislash x2 (Both King Shield)

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Your deck is really good for a begginer.You should look to switch your great balls with ultra balls, that let you get any pokemon without upplying HP or something.I think you already know that but you should look for an Aggron and also if you are interested colorless pokemon can be attached any kind of energy and some of them are preety good and useful.Also don't be afraid to use legendaries, if you are able too.Not many pokemon Ex and for example if you have the opportunnity to get a Zapdos that is a type you don't use don't deny it.You can just add 2-3 electrik energies.You can look for some rocky helmets too.They are preety useful.Again you may think you are a begginner but if you learn a good strategy for your type of deck you can be preety good.And with those cards you are already a good player!Oh,also you can check some good cards on bulbapedia by typing on google: (e.g.)Persian tcg.There you can see many different versions of the pokemon you want and see in what kind of booster packs to get them!Hope I helped!Good luck on building your deck!

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I think this deck could benefit from a Xerneas and a Slurpuff in place of the Granbull line. Also, If you're running Bisharp, use the XY bisharp, not the kalos starter deck Bisharp. Replace the max revive with a super rod, since energy discarding is commonplace nowadays, this will help you get discarded Xerneas energy back. Add a sword stance Aegislash, so you don't have to switch out every other turn Otherwise, this is a quite good deck especially for a newcomer. Great job!

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dude try to stick to the 1 thread man, you've got 3 threads talking about roughly the same steel deck and i'm getting so confused on which thread i have commented on before


I think the main concern I have with this deck is the damage output, you best attacker is still dealing far too little damage to do anything significant,King's shield's 50 damamge would be pretty good if only you are able to keep doing it every turn, which is why I recommended the combo with keldeo ex in the other threads

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