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Can't trade or tag my cards that don't have 'locked' icon


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I finally redeemed some booster packs with coins to get some cards that aren't locked.


I opened the packs.


The problem is they don't show up in trade when toggle filters off.


I tried tagging them for trade too but it says they are untradeable.


The ones I tried DO NOT have a 'locked' symbol, I got them from packs that I redeemed with coins in the shop.


To express that I am not mistaken, I have NO tradeable cards showing up in create trade even though I have purchased packs with coins in the shop.


Is this supposed to happen? Are only packs redeemed through codes tradeable?


Any help on this possible bug is appreciated.



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Hi Marrrkk,


Cards that are redeemed using codes and those redeemed using Gems are tradeable. Cards purchased using Tokens are not tradeable.


Hope this clears things up!

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