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Problems with purchasing packs in shop


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Yesterday I tried to purchase 3 packs of XY wit coins. I got booted out after clicking 'redeem.' The box waiting box displayed for some time before kicking out to the login screen. I was also unable to login after several attempts and kept getting a message about server problems. Once logging in again the same thing happened when clicking 'redeem.'


I tried again today but the same thing happened. I was able to play versus yesterday even though it was a little slow, but I am unsure if my inability to purchase packs is due to connectivity issues on my end or not. Or is the fact that I am trying to purchase packs over and over with limited coins the problem?


Also, when the waiting box appears after hitting 'redeem', the icons in the background change to red yield signs with an exclamation point mark.


Any help is appreciated,


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It finally worked!


I played game of versus while waiting and then tried again.


This time I went to 'cards' to purchase instead of 'newest' under 'featured.'


Not sure why it worked this time but I'm happy with m 4 new packs!

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Most excellent!


You may want to try the tips below to improve game performance. Hopefully you won't experience this issue in the future.



  • Ensure that you have the newest video and audio drivers for your system, downloaded from the manufacturer's website.
  • Once in the game, go to your Settings and change performance to "Fastest" and uncheck the special effect boxes, lower your game resolution to 1024x768.
  • Try switching the game to windowed mode from the in-game Settings.
  • Try running TCGO from the “Refresher” file, which can be found in your “Pokemon Trading Card Game Online” folder.
  • Run a virus / malware scan. From your Windows system accessories run Disk Defragmenter.
  • Before running TCGO, close any unnecessary background programs (web browsers, word processor, etc.).

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