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Ampharos Ability Bug


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Client Version:

Bug Premise: Caused upon activation of Ampharos's "Electromagnetic Wall" while Ampharos has 1 Lightning Energy Attached and while an opponent's active Sableye is in the process of energy being attached from hand. Frozen City was in Play (My Frozen City) as well as the Ampharos.


Not sure exactly what happened, but before this most recent maintenance, I had never seen this before. The 30 damage that is supposed to be triggered by Ampharos's Electromagnetic Wall ability is supposed to be applied to the active opponent's Pokemon. In the past, there was no issue with this, and in fact, it worked perfectly well, but after this patch, when I was playing and my Ampharos was active, and when my opponent played an energy from his hand to his sableye the 30 damage was reversed and applied to Ampharos instead. I'm not sure why this occured as there is no possible way in the current format for that to ever even happen through abilities, as well as the fact that the damage from Frozen City still applied correctly every time. It was only one time during the match that my opponent attached an energy directly from his hand to his Pokemon while my Ampharos was active (which is the condition to activate this effect), so I didn't get to see it a second time.

It was extremely strange when it did happened, and both me and my opponent were confused as to why this occurred. I'm not sure how common this bug is, but even 1 misapplication of the damage can make all the difference! Especially when that damage is not just being negated, but actually applied to your own Pokemon!


If this bug persists, please fix it! I appreciate it, thanks!

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Hi Kanacho,


Were there any Deoxys-EX in in play? If so, this is a known issue which the Dev team is working to fix.


Thanks for your patience!

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