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Need ideas for my deck


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My deck is a beedrill based deck it consists of

2x chespin 2x quilladin and 2x chestnaught/w Spiky shield

2x root fossils 1x lileep 1x cradily because of lifesplosion

1x shaymin ex

1x verizion ex

3x weedle 2x kakuna 2x beedrill/ w flash needle

1x snivy 1x servine 2x serperior/w 1 mega drain and 1 royal heal

1x victini/w victory star for coin

1x Tropius


1x crushing hammer

1x prof letter

3x evosoda for quick evolve

2x rare candy for momentum

2x ultra balls

2x Sycamore

2x colress

2x N

1x hard charm

1x town map

1x Rock guard

1x Twist mountain

and i run with 17 basic green



Please help me if possile

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use prof letter instead of energy search

put some junipers, u need more draw power

u written root fossil twice in that list

what's your plan on energy counts?

add some level balls to get more basics on the field

I think you'll need more evosoda since you run so little of each evolution line

needs town map because you need to know which evolution line is prized and you run so little of each evolution line

use rock guard instead of hard charm, help boost chesnaught's spiky shield (hopefull you are referring to the spiky shield chesnaught)

which beedrill you planning to use and which serperior

you don't really run enough stage 2 pokemon to make lifesplosion that useful

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Cheers for the help, i have revised the deck and done what i could with what i have got, i would love some more help if you could just to help me try make it more reliable.

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needs more than just a rock guard, otherwise 1 tool scrapper just ruins it

don't recommend the victini since not many of your pokemon benefit from it

the deck's energy requirements isn't too high, can consider cutting down energy count

you should look into a solution if you come across a fire deck

not enough draw power, 2 colress, 2N and 1 juniper just isn't enough, something here needs to be increased, I would recommend juniper

would be better if you ran the serperior with royal heal and just use it as heal for the bench, otherwise I would almost suggest you get rid of it entirely.

the 2-2-3 ratio for beedrill is a bit weird, I'd recommend 4-2-3

I still don't think cradily is a good thing

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I have cradily in there for fun not that hes that usefull and i dont know what to replace him with as i lack in grass types. What could i do about the fire situation?

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2 ideas you could try, still not the best solution but you can consider:

Abomasnow line -water type that uses grass energy, can hit fire for weakness and not weak to fire itself

non fire weak grass pokemon - like tropius

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The Abomasnow is actually a great idea, cheers, but what should i swap them for? and i dont actually have serperior with royal heal so i will try to get my hands on it.

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Cradily is useful, with him they can bring out the stage 2 faster with only one energy and if your going to have him it wouldn't hurt to add one or two Twist Mountain in there as well

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i personally think cradily hurst the consitency of your deck more than help. Running level balls or card like emolga call for family should allow you to get your bench filled up more quicker.

You can run colorless attacker which can attack for any energy or abomasnow is a nice choice.



3-2-2 - chesnaught

2x shaymin ex

1x virizion ex

2-2 cherrim (more reliable healer than serperior, note: is not for attacking)

1x Tropius

2-2 abomasnow

1 mr mime (paired with cherrim you can focus on healing just the active)


Trainers: 29

1x prof letter

1x super rod

3x evosoda

2x rare candy

3x level ball

2x ultra balls

4x Sycamore

2x colress

4x N

1 shauna

1x random reciever

2x muslce band/silver bangle/hard charm/silver mirror/giant cape

2x switch/escape rope/float stone

1x Rock guard




x9 basic green energy

x2 DCE


took out beedril as even 20 pokemon is quite alot, and you should use the trainer cards to focus on setting up chesnaughst or abomasnow as quick and as many so you not stuck too long when your set up attacker is knocked out.

i would still try to add more supporters as quite easily you can use up your hand and you will have less flexibilty or options with little or no hand.

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