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Hey Everyone


I just needed a real quick list of all the Standard Competitive Decks and a brief, general description of each.



Example --> "Blastoise/Keldeo" : Uses Blastoise's Deluge ability to set up Keldeo.



Thanks for your time!

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Blastoise/Black Kyurem EX/Keldeo EX: Blastoise uses Deluge to power up attackers and Superior energy retrieval keeps energy out of the discard. Black Kyurem EX deals 200 damage to take OHKOs on EX's, Keldeo EX cleans up some of the smaller stuff such as Sableye or Absol. Sometimes includes Non-EX Black Kyurem to OHKO Dragon EX's while only giving up one prize if he is return KOed.


Emboar/Delphox/Rayquaza EX: Emboar is used to power up attackers and Superior Energy retrieval which keeps the energy out of the discard. Rayquaza EX OHKO's anything (except for sigilyph and suicune... but we don't talk about those guys). Delphox uses its ability to keep a constant source of draw power to hit those crucial energy retrievals; Delphox can also be used as a non-EX attacker. Sometimes a mix of Non-EX rayquaza and Reshiram are used depending on the metagame.


Yveltel EX/Darkrai EX/Sableye; This deck abuses items (such as Dark patch, energy switch, and float stone) to take KO's quickly to outrace the opponent. In Certain situations you can OHKO with Yveltel, made easier by Darkrai's Night-Spear's snipe damage, Hypnotoxic laser (boosted by Virbank), and muscle bands. Certain versions run Garbodor to slow down the opponent, making it easier to outrace them or even to lock them down. Other versions include Non-EX Yveltel to get some early damage and energy acceleration.


Virizion EX/Genesect EX: This deck uses Virizion EX's attack, emerald slash, to deal early damage and power up Genesects who finish up with megalo cannon. This deck also has OHKO potential in the form of G-booster, dealing 200 damage. While the attacks are somewhat underwhelming or outclassed, the abilities are fantastic and make the deck work. Virizion prevents special conditions, taking care of hypnotoxic laser and helping Genesect live longer. Genesect has red signal, allowing him to bring up benched pokèmon and hit what his opponent may be relying on, or take a final KO off of a damaged fighter. Some variants of this deck include ho-oh and various other attackers to gain an edge on energy acceleration and type advantage. Garbodor may be included to help against Stage 2 decks, which need their abilities more than you.


Trubbish/Sigilyph/Masquerain(Tool Drop): This deck uses Sigilyph's ability to get many tools in play, and Trubbish's attack to deal OHKOs (20X number of tools in play). This deck relies on float stone to retreat, EXP.Share to keep energy on attackers, Silver Bangle to deal extra damage, and sometimes Silver mirror to help shut down Plasma pokemon. Masquerain's ability is used to move all of these tools to the pokemon who currently needs them. An attacking pokemon should have something like bangle to do more damage, a benched attacker should have an EXP.Share to help prepare it, and a catchered pokemon should retreat with float stone. Sometimes Virizion EX is included to prevent special conditions, since poison damage KO's don't activate EXP.Share.


Trevenant/Accelgor/Mew EX: I would describe this deck as a long-term OHKO deck. Accelgor paralyzes and poisons the opponent while trevenant prevents the opponent from play switch to get out of paralysis. Although this deck doesn't take many OHKO's, since the opponent is essentially forced to draw/pass, it is about the equivalent to their active being OHKOed. Mew EX is used so that you don't need to stream stage 1's, only basics now. Dusknoir is often included to move the damage off and keep the active pokemon alive. This takes up bench space and can be difficult to get going, but once he is set up, you win the game unless your opponent has a way out of special conditions, or you miss an attack.


Other relevant decks include: TDK, Plasma(Yeti), Aromatisse/techs, Big Basics/Garbodor. I don't feel like defining these ATM and I probably wouldn't be the best to do so anyway =T

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