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Hello creative trainers. This thread is for all those creative minds out there. here you can post your own fan cards whether they be basic, energy, trainer, or ex. The possibilities are endless. fill free to post as many cards as you want. I will be keeping track of the cards posted with a list that will be updated every week on Thursday for easy viewing. Sorry if I do not see your card. I will try my best to keep track of all of them. Thank you and have fun. ATTENTION: I will also be giving prizes to those how earn the most votes for their cards. 1st: 5 X and Y packs 2nd: 3 random packs 3rd: a rare card. Also if anyone's card exceeds 100 votes they will win a Blastoise EX as a bonus. If more than one card exceeds 100 votes the card will go to the one with the most votes out of those who exceed 100.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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