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ds emulater


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Yeah, I think you could get banned... seeing as emulators are ILLEGAL, because they're technically stealing money that could've gone to the people that made the game if you had bought it instead, so Nintendo doesn't look too highly on emulation. Why else do you think the Virtual Console exists!?


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actually your incorrect ds emulator and the games u download for it are not ilegal as such they are only illegal if you do not own the original game like i own pokemon black but my ds broke and i didnt want to buy a new one so what u have to do is download the game find out what the games unigue code is and then u can legally play it on an emulator but yes if you have never bought the original game then having it in an emulator would be illegal


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Hey everyone,




Emulators are definitely illegal, regardless of whether you own the game!




Here's Nintendo's official stance on emulation:








FireEmblem6 is absolutely right, we do not want you talking about emulators here.




Thanks for respecting Nintendo's intellectual property rights!




Captain Lone Star



"Welcome to real life!"[/b]






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