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LF RayBoar Stuff!


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Hello all! Currently, I am trying to build a RayBoar (Rayquaza EX + Emboar Ability) Deck, and i would appreciate if anyone could contact me in-game if they have the things I need. Please do not try to trade better versions of the cards I need (like trying to trade Full Art or Secret Rare versions), as I am only looking for the cheapest versions available for the cards I need.


What I'm Willing to Give:


If you happen to find a card in my binder that you like, I'm perfectly fine if you would offer me for that (FAIR TRADES ONLY). Otherwise, I'm Trading Packs.


I have:


XY packs


Plasma Blast Packs



What I'm Looking For:


[TABLE=width: 624]

Cards I Need:

Amount of Packs I’m Giving

Need 3: Rayquaza EX (Promo)


Need 1: Emboar (Ability, Legendary Treasures)


Need 1: Superior Energy Retrieval (Plasma Freeze)





Prices are as follows. If you have any of the cards I need above and are happy with the prices, please contact me in-game or comment right on this page. Once i get the cards I need, i will not be accepting offers for any more. Thanks!

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Thanks Cymantex for the Superior energy retrieval! i don't need anymore now, thx

I also got the necessary emboars i need, guys. all i need is rayquaza promo. comment or gimme a pm!

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