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Authentication issue solving


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Dear Tech support

i have as many other people the authentication login issue.

It stays on authentication forever.


So what i found out is when i put my pc into DMZ (de militarized zone) at my router the game is running great.

Problem with that is that DMZ is just possible for a single pc.

That means that all other computer can't play Pokemon. My wife and friends would love

to play with me but we can't play at the same time.


And yes i tried to forward all recommended ports but it doesn't work.

Is it possible to create a patch for all these poor people who sit behind a router ????

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Hi Muffinlina,


I recommend having your family and friends send support tickets to our team for individual help with this issue. They can do so by clicking the link in my signature (or the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page), signing in with their pokemon.com credentials, and clicking "Ask a Question". Please have them add as much information as possible, including the fixes they've already tried.


Thanks for your patience!

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