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UI change for infinite use Abilities/PokePowers


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I think the most common and glaring example is the use of Sinister Hand from Dusknoir, where you have to click a whopping 8 times to shift damage from one Pokemon to another (click Dusknoir, click Sinister Hand, click OK, click damaged Pokemon, click OK, click target Pokemon, click OK). This is terribly frustrating both for the player who is using it and the player who is waiting for his opponent to move the damage to their optimal locations (move 100 damage away from active -- 80 clicks; consolidate 180 damage on EX for the KO -- up to 152 clicks). The same goes for abilities like Reuniclus' Damage Swap, Aromatisse and Hydreigon's Energy Trans/Dark Trance and arguably Blastoise and Emboar's Deluge and Inferno Fandango respectively.


What I suggest is that for all Abilities/Powers that allow infinite use, activation of an Ability puts you into a mode where you can perform all the operations rather than having to activate the Ability for each use. Based on the Dusknoir example, I would click Dusknoir, then click Sinister Hand, then I enter a mode where I can click a damaged Pokemon followed by the target Pokemon and then the damage is moved, and when I am done I click an OK button to declare that I am done using that Ability and exit the mode. Only then the card effects will kick in to show the net changes to the damage on the field (the current model has the card effects occurring every 10 damage as well as having 10 damage occur over Dusknoir without actually laying any damage; not sure why this is so).


The same thing would happen for Abilities like Dark Trance: click Hydreigon/Arommatisse, click the Ability, click source Pokemon, click target Pokemon, repeat until satisfied, click OK to exit the ability. It is also arguably doable for the Rain-Dance abilities: click Blastoise/Emboar/Feraligatr Prime, click the Ability/Power, click any valid energy in hand, click target Pokemon, repeat until done, then exit Ability.


For an example of how it might be implemented, this was the implementation for such infinite Pokemon Powers in the GameBoy Pokemon Trading Card Game (most notably Alakazam's Damage Swap).

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Hi Starkpraggy,


I'll quote Prof. Mathis on a similar thread:

Mekkah has hit the nail on the head. Each activation of the Ability is a separate action, subject to any triggered effects that may occur. Grouping them into a single action for the sake of speed may work in a live environment where players can easily undo an action, but a computer program doesn't have the same ability, given all of the possible variables.


For example, there was an Aerodactyl card a while back with a PokéBody that triggered any time a Pokémon used a PokéPower, placing 2 damage counters on that Pokémon. If a card which responded similarly to Abilities were made in the future, allowing players to bulk move damage counters with Sinister Hand would have some pretty serious implications.


That said; the Dev team is well aware of how tedious it is to use Abilities like Sinister Hand multiple times in a single turn. We've discussed a number of options for reducing the clicks per action for these types of Abilities, and have a few that we think will work well. However, this change is further down the priority list than things like implementing new cards, updating the UI and releasing Tournament Mode. It'll get done, just not any time in the immediate future.


Nevertheless, I'll make sure to note your desire for an easier method of using these abilities for the Dev team to review.


Thanks for your input! :)

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