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Well, I made this thing…


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Without much disposable income, I am at the mercy of the weekly packs and whatever I can buy with tokens for the most part. With that in mind, I think I have forged a reasonable deck mixing cards from Resilient Life and Explosive Edge theme decks along with a had full of random packs I have obtained over time. I know how much improvement it needs, but I just want some feedback on the current state of it.


Also, I couldn’t pass up the chance to use the name “The Truth of Life” for a deck, but I doubt I am the 1st to think of something that obvious.


Reshiram [Next Destinies] X3

Druddigon [Noble Victories] X1

Tornadus [Legendary Treasures] X1

Litwick [Plasma Freeze] X1

Litwick [Next Destinies] X2

Lampent [Plasma Freeze] X3

Chandelure [Next Destinies] X2

Meowth [Next Destinies] X2

Persian [Next Destinies] X2

Mr. Mime [XY] X1

Spritzee [XY] X2

Aromatisse [XY] X1

Xerneas [XY] X2

Superior Energy Retrieval X1

Pokémon communication X2

Cheren X1

Interviewer’s Questions X2

Professor Oak’s New Theory X1

Fisherman X1

Fairy Garden X1

Prism Energy X1

Fairy energy X14

Fire Energy X13

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Your deck needs more draw supporters, like 4 juniper, 4 n and more cherens. You can get rid of a lot of energies, make the energy count 16 or less.

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