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I have an idea for a new non-EX Dialga card. It'd be a dragon type with 130 HP (like most non-EX legendaries), be weak to Fairy and resistant to Psychic. It would have an ability called Vengeful Reset, and it would read as follows; "If this pokemon was knocked out last turn, you may activate this ability to remove all damage counters on your active pokemon. If you do, then both players must shuffle all their benched pokemon and attached cards, and all cards (including evolutions) attached to their active pokemon back into their decks." Its attack would be Time Rewind, would require one metal energy, one psychic energy, and one energy of any type, would do 90 damage, and you would flip a coin. If it comes up heads, then your opponent would have to take the top card of their deck and add that card to their prizes.

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