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Game stuck on checking for refresher update


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over the past couple of days i've had the game fail to launch and get stuck on the checking for Refresher update screen...i've tried re installing a couple of times with the latest installer and that's not solved it yet..I've also tried turning off my internet security (microsoft security essentials - Real time protection) but it's not made a difference either... can someone help me please?




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Hi ufowill,


I first recommend opening up your Pokémon TCG Online folder and launching the Refresher.exe program. This usually prompts the game to patch correctly.


Otherwise, there are two ports that must be opened for the game to work: 8181 and 6967. 6967 is the "gateway" port that the client connects to momentarily to get information on which connection servers are available and their IP addresses. 8181 is the port that client makes a dedicated connection to in order to play the game. Please try opening these ports, which you can figure out how to do by reviewing the documentation for your modem or router software.


If opening these ports doesn't help, we recommend reviewing your software's documentation to find out how to add the game to your software's "safe programs" list. To be clear, we do not recommend turning off your security software under any circumstances.


Good luck, and thanks for your patience! :)

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