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Luna Rock....just for fun =)


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EDITED 4.11.14



4 Lunatone PLS

3 Solrock XY

1 Solrock PLS



10 Fighting






3 N

4 Skyla

4 Sycamore

4 Flare Grunt


Items- 25


3 Enhanced Hammer

4 Crushing Hammer

4 Muscle Band

4 Ultra Ball

3 Roller Skates

2 Super Rod

1 Life Dew

4 Bicycle


If anyone can improve on this, please let me know. Im trying diff techs to see what works and what doesnt.

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-4 Lunatone

-3 Solrock

-1 Solrock

-1 Fighting


+3 Landorus EX

+2 Mewtwo EX

+2 Pikachu XY

+2 Raichu XY

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really dude..... if i wanted to run big basics w/raichu, i would have titled my thread that. the whole point of this deck is solrock/lunatone -__-

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I actually messed around with 2/2 Explosion/Cosmic Spin Solrock, but 3/1 works way better because ill use Explosion maybe once or twice a game, so I prefer having the extra attacker as opposed to just having 2 chances to explode, which i can give myself anyways with one solrock pls.

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I just couldn't resist! Seeing how the big basic deck could fit in this list and the main problem with this deck is actually the pokémon. I'm fully aware that this is not the type of improvements you were looking for. ;D


On a more serious note...

Eviolite and Protect Cube (when it's released) helps with exploding and might be worth having some fun with.

Like it is now I don't really see your win condition since even hitting 60 for 1 energy (with muscle band and Lunatone on the bench) doesn't cut it as a winning strategy. With Muscle Band, Virbank + Laser you could at least 2HKO EXs for 1 energy. Something Thundurus EX could also do with the added effect of getting an energy from the discard pile which makes this all feel quite depressing...


Problem with laser of course being Virizion EX (which you will most likely loose to anyway since everything is weak to grass), however I like it better than using Crushing Hammer/Enhanced Hammer which is also match-up dependent. For example Blastoise will just laugh at all your hammers and Team Flare Grunts.


If you play a lot of search cards you could use Lunatone's ability several times in 1 turn and try to make use of it with Ether.

I'm not sure why the deck plays Ultra Ball when all the pokémon can be searched with Level Ball. I have a lot more complaints against the trainer line since I'm quite a picky deck builder. It's probably better if I spare you from that especially when I don't quite see how to make these pokémon remotely viable in the first place.

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wow, Cyman, I really didnt think you could be such a troll. Anyways, here are the reasons I built the way i built. maybe i can open your mind a bit with this, and then maybe next time you wont assume i put zero forethought into this.


-Ok, the Ultra Balls. I was running Level Balls and Heavy Balls at one point, then i cut it to just level balls, then i switched those for Ultras and here's why. Reason number one- when i would run heavy balls in my deck,i wouldnt be able to fetch Solrock XY, and that card is my main attacker, so i kind of need to stream them. Lunatone is basically to benchsit so I can abuse the ability. However, I began to notice that i was setting up most games by turn 2 or 3 at the latest, and my bench was full. So because i put Flare Grunts in this deck (those are a Supporter, in case you forgot this), I needed a way to boost my card drawing power, since at least 4 of my turns im burning a supporter for energy removal. Thats where the roller skates and bicycle come in. Roller Skates are more of a bonus, Bicycle is the really important one, but for me to be able to make effective use of it, I need to pare my hand down to maybe 1 or 2 cards. Thats where Ultra Ball comes in. I play so many Supporters that Im never really gonna use Ultra Ball for any other purpose, i only run 8 pokemon in my deck, how many times do you honestly think im gonna need to use an Ultra Ball? Only when i need to burn my hand, and that takes discarding effects, i cant just throw cards in the discard pile for no reason.


-Now on to Solrock's attack. Yes there's other pokemon that can do more damage, I get that part. but 60 for one energy is workable when you add the energy removal strategy into the mix. This deck wasnt built to be meta, it was built as a counter to the more annoying decks on here (Yveltal, Aromatisse, and Plasma decks come to mind) A lot of those builds rely heavily on special energy, so the hammers and grunts really get you. Lets mention this Thundurus for instance. I hammer a DCE off a benched Lugia, you Raiden Knuckle it back ,and pass of to me. Next turn, I hit you for not 60 with muscle band, but rather 120 damage. If i choose to load up and use Solar Beam while I'm banded, thats 160 damage, in case you also forgot how to do math. This is also the case against Darkrai, and quite frankly, this deck gives me the potential to remove multiple energies in one turn, so i wouldnt exactly be discounting it so quickly. I know it wont beat stuff like Blastoise or VirGen, but i dont mind those decks so much, so its not a big deal to me. As far as Trev decks go, 2 hits for 60 damage take down a trev, so theres no need for me to worry about that, assuming you even get it set up ( I can get that Solrock set up Turn one and KO your Phantump before it evolves, so nice try). Not to mention ill be hammering off your Palkias while you sit there, and as far as Accelgor goes, you have to have Shelmet down for at least a turn, so ill see that coming a mile away. However, this deck i built primarily to troll plasma players, and it does really well in all honesty. I won a tourney match yesterday with this deck, so its more viable than a lot of the other stuff im playing, ill say that much. But I suppose you knew all that already ;) Next time, try to 'resist' yourself a bit better before you assume I spent no time on this list, k?

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not sure if it'll be as effective with removing special energy when you can't recycle it with stuff like sableye

also i think not getting the OHKO on darkrai/thundurus even with muscle band is quite a pity really


if this is a deck that fills the bench quickly maybe can try colress?


also, what tournament did you win exactly?

can't be sure how well it works, definitely can catch ppl by surprise I suppose.

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I still don't see any merit in playing Lunatone/Solrock, my original point still remains, the pokémon line is terrible.

I understand it's meant to be fun, however I don't find it creative or interesting. That's just my own opinion though.


Even though you play all these Energy discarding trainers which you are trying to use as a win condition against some very specific match-ups, it's still very uncertain if it can beat the decks it's meant to counter.

Especially considering Solrock usually won't do anything other than 3HKO's on EXs. Against an Aromatisse deck which plays a lot of Max Potions I would definitely see a struggle of both somehow discarding all energy (which requires quite a bit of luck) and keeping yourself from decking out since you need to go through a lot of resources to fulfill the first goal. Once the opponent gets an attacker powered up Solrock cannot keep up.


Which really shows how pathetic Solrock is as an attacker, if it even can't win when miraculously keeping all the energy off the opponents board... Something like Drifblim Shadow Steal would just run train at that point and really overshadows the merit you're trying to create.


I find it strange that Darkrai was mentioned. They have Dark patch to get back energy and Yveltal EX just runs you over.


In the current format there isn't necessarily any difference between something like 120 damage or 160 damage if you have nothing to capitalize on it. They still just take the hit and hides on the bench. When Dugtrio XY can 1HKO both with 1 energy and a Silver Bangle...


Unfortunately I have a hard time taking lists such as these seriously.

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