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Junk Arm Might Be Broken


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Junk Arm can't grab supporters.


Before you say that it's not supposed to, here me out. Junk Arm says that you can grab a "Trainer" from the discard pile. After the "Black And White" set came out, Supporters became trainers. this change should be considered when the ability of Junk Arm is used. Back when Junk Arm was only able to grab what we know call "Item Cards". If we are gonna go by the meaning of the card, Junk Arm should be able to grab supporters.


Some might argue that this means there is no point of using Dowsing Machine in unlimited, which is true. The reason Pokemon has a modified playing format were sets rotate, is to keep the game fresh and changing. Junk Arm was too strong, so they rotated it and allowed you to only play one in each deck in the form of Dowsing Machine, and that still is really good!


Unlimited is a format that is filled with very powerful archetypes and I don't see why Junk Arm shouldn't grab supporters. In the previous update, you were able to grab supporters with Junk Arm. I would really be interested in what a Judge has to say about this matter. Thank you for your time :)

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You are incorrect. Check the official rulings.


Yup. After I posted this thread, someone directed me to an explanation of this matter. Thanks for your reply :) Ohh and please close this thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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