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Mepmepmopmop's Battle for a Free Holo Thread!


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My helper and I will be accepting battles for people want a free holo. The it works is you challenge me to a battle by PM ing me "I want a free holo, lets battle." then i will battle you asap.

The rules are No Ultra Rares are: Exs, FAs, SRs, Primes, Legends and Ace Specs (Ace Specs allowed).

Modified Format.

No Tropical Beach.

If you win select a common and tag it as for trade and I will make and offer giving you a free holo.

No virbank/lasers.

Only one battle for a holo per season. (when I thing that there are not enough people asking to battle)

I will be accepting helpers. Please keep in mind helpers I may not be able to provide the cards if i'm not online. Also Donations of holos would be great if I am to keep this running.


That is all for now.


My in game name is mepmepmopmop not mepmepmopmop2. Other trainer qualified to battle are darkslayertypez and cymantex.


Successful trainers this season.


xernalneil07, kevin1981, darkslayertypez, war_greymon, extrogx, lancy24, bipolarxerneas, _firefox_267, guqkaknaja


Unsuccessful trainer this season.




Special Thanks To:

Mepmepmopmp(Funding & Organisation)



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