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General: Users will receive a one-time grant of 10 Tournament Tickets upon logging into the game after the update. This grant is temporary, and will only be available throughout the initial Tournaments testing period.


General: Tournament Tickets now replace Trainer Tokens on Day 3 of the returning user Daily Login rewards.


General: All Standard-legal cards from older expansions now correctly validate for Standard format play.


General: The loading screen should no longer hang indefinitely when logging into the game client for the first time.


Gameplay: The minimum play time required to receive a reward in a Ranked match has been reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.


Gameplay: Promo cards received from the Pokemon TCG League which display a selection window now function normally.


Gameplay: Damage counters and Special Condition markers are now properly displayed on Pokémon LEGEND cards.


Gameplay: The Overflow Ability on Lugia-EX now properly allows the user to take 1 extra Prize card when Lugia-EX Knocks Out an opposing Pokemon.


Gameplay: The Victory Star Ability on Victini now functions properly with attacks that end when the user flips tails.


Gameplay: Only one instance of the Victory Star Ability on Victini can be used per attack, regardless of the number of additional Victory Star Abilities the user has in play.


Gameplay: The Giant Fan Ability on Shiftry now allows the opponent to select a new Active Pokémon.


Gameplay: The popup for the Destructive Sound attack on Exploud now populates with valid selections.


Gameplay: The Strong Breeze attack on Staraptor now allows the opponent to select a new Active Pokémon.


Gameplay: Knocking out an opposing Pokémon with Gengar (HS—Triumphant #94) no longer discards all Energy cards attached to the opponent's Benched Pokémon.


Gameplay: The AI will once again attack Pokémon LEGEND cards.


Gameplay: The 5-minute reconnect timer no longer applies to Friend Battle or Random Battle matches in Versus mode.


Trainer Challenge: Conents for fully unlocked Basic decks no longer match the contents for the 0 unlocks state.


Trade: Users can once again see the binder of their potential trade partner While creating a private trade offer, regardless of Friend status.


Trade: Users can search Public Trade offers for boosters from the Pokémon TCG: XY expansion by typing XY in the search box.


Shop: Codes from the Pokémon TCG: Legends of Kalos Tins can now be redeemed in the Shop.




General: Inconsistent looping of Carousel View throughout the game client.


Gameplay: The Garbotoxin Ability on Garbodor is not consistently disabling the Forest Curse Ability on Trevenant.


Gameplay: Using the Stellar Guidance Ability on Jirachi-EX does not reveal the Supporter card selected to the opponent.


Shop: Codes from the Pokémon TCG League Xerneas and Yveltal seasons cannot be redeemed in the Shop.


Options: The menu music always plays when the user first logs into the game, regardless of volume settings.

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