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Feedback after last update


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Dear Dev Team,first of all I would like to congratulate you all for the amazing work in this last Patch update. The game, of course, remains overall very good in most aspects as prior to the update and, indeed, it has improved many other aspects that needed refinement. Nevertheless, there are a few things that changed with this last update that may be further improved. Here is a list with the main issues I found as a UK user:



  • Although the visual quality has improved considerably, there are still some minor glitches that I am sure will be discovered in detail and reported in the forums in the near future.
  • When playing animations while in-game the sound effects seem to be off-time or missing most of the times.


  • The background music for the different menus and game zones has also improved but there needs to be some variety, maybe a chain of several tracks for each menu/game zone. Also it will be nice to associate specific types of music to specific menues and zones. I believe this has already been implemented for the Trainer Challenge in which a new music plays and gives a feel of competition. This is a good thing to have for all other environments of the game, specially for battles (opening fast-paced music, relaxed and smooth music while in-game and victory or defeat music).
  • There was a need for a chat notification remark and this was indeed implemented but there needs to be a way to turn off notifications form Lobby 1, which is always open. In fact, there should be a way to leave Lobby 1, something I could not do and so notifications were constant. The way it is makes it impossible to distinguish from general Lobby 1 notifications and your personal conversations or private chat rooms. This feature needs to be polished.
  • The in-game UI, although generally better than it was before, has some clear flaws. To begin with, it is quite laggy most of the time. I guess this is something that will be optimised with future updates but I think it is an important part of the user experience. Also navigating your deck (or even your hand if it has more than 5 cards!) is a bit awkward due to the "little arrow" buttons that enable you to scroll. I think this is not the best way to browse card piles, maybe a display like the one used for the discard pile will be better. In any case, dragging should be implemented if card piles are to be displayed in a line. The off-game menus already have this feature and it works quite well.


Nothing else so far, best wishes for future development.

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Thank you for your very well thought out and detailed feedback!


I have passed these feedback suggestions to the developers.


Thanks again for your post!

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