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Installation Package Could Not Be Opened. Windows 8


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So I'm having a major issue trying to install the program. I've downloaded it 3 times now (twice from Google Chrome and once from Mozilla just to check if it was a browser issue) and every time I go to run the installer (PokemonInstaller.msi) i get the message "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package".


I've tried multiple suggestions from reading other generally similar posts such as downloading through a different browser, deleting all previous app data, restarting my computer and uninstalling the program through control panel but none of these seem to have worked. I ran a compatibility check and it said that the file was incompatible with my Windows 8, which i find rather strange.


If anyone has had this problem AND resolved it I would REALLY like to hear how you did it because quite frankly I'm getting sick of wasting my data trying to resolve this issue on my own.


Thanks for your time.

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Hi CarraBossta,


Please delete the installation file that you downloaded, empty your trash. Download the file again using a different web browser (Firefox or Google Chrome), please do not use a download manager, and ensure that your anti-virus software allows the download.



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