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Need 3 Yveltals / Trading A Lot


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I need 3 Yveltal EX and I am willing to trade all of this:


2 FA Landorus EX

1 SR Garbodor

1 Kyurem

1 Lugia EX (Promo)

4 Deoxys EX (Promo)

2 Absol

2 Thundurus EX (1 Promo)

1 Blastoise EX

1 White Kyurem EX

1 Kyurem EX

1 Life Dew

1 Victory Piece

1 Emolga EX

1 Excadrill EX

1 Meloetta EX

1 FA Emolga (Call For Family)


Please let me know if you are interested. Need it before the Promo are release. Thank you

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