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Will not boot up


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I bought a xerneas tin and a mega blastoise pack and yveltal pack yesterday and i was so excited to open them and put the booster codes on the game. but when i got home it wouldnt open. i accidently deleted the game not my account, and i downloaded it again this morning since the maintanence was last night. but it still wont boot up. and this morning it didnt go ful screen and the screen went white. someone help me i wanna put my codes in my account.


EDIT: Now it keeps popping up in a white screen. it wont let me do anything with it someone please help!

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Hi Krystallover13,


If you are running on a MAC, please try the following:


1. Open Finder


2. Hold down the Option key while clicking Go on the menu bar


3. Click on 'Library


4. Locate the folder "Saved Application State" and open the folder


5. See if there is a .savedState file for Pokemon TCGO, if so -- delete it.


If you're a Windows user, please try the following:


Try starting the game from Refresher.exe. This file can be found in the folder where the game is installed – you can do a search for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, and you will find it in that folder.



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ok thanks it worked. i also have a question again. i have tons of cards from my booster packs that never got into the tcg online like my 2 mexa blastoise ex's. and i also got cards that were never in my booster packs. is this some kind of promotion cuz i dont like it.

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