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Great game (for people who collect real pokemon cards)


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Hi, I'm new here and have got to say this game had me on a string for the last week that I've played it. Coming to the completion of the trainer challenge I figured I needed to start trading to make a custom deck for PvP play.


However to my disappointment I have recently discovered than you cannot trade cards unless received using code cards. I don't collect real cards so game progression has ended for a player like me. A real shame to say the least.


I just wanted to share my experience and feedback. This game is great, but to my recent knowledge, the income model proposed by having people purchase real cards to play an online game to its potential is a massive turn-off and will without a doubt deliver greater neglect than free to play models with complimentary payment features. Until I see this change I'm sad to say I won't be playing anymore despite really enjoying the game for these couple of days.

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Hi ernestasvk,


Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback. We will be happy to pass this along to the powers that be.


Sorry to hear that you won't be playing any longer. :(


Thanks for the feedback!

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