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DarkSlayer's- Trading Thread*


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DarkSlayertypeZ's Trading Thread


I am trading most of my Full-Art Pokémon, Trainers, League-Energies and much more.

As far as Pokémon go, I am simply looking to trade my Full-art Versions of the card for the Regular Art.

Once I move on past the point of having everything up for trade that are FA traded. Then I will start listing all the other cards that I will either be buying or trading for.


*Lots of new card's coming soon. I'm just very lazy..


So in most cases I will be looking for X/Y and Plasma Blast Packs to fill the gap between price ranges. In some cases I may consider a Pokémon Card instead of the Pack depending upon what you have.


Additionally, if you're looking to trade in Larger Quantities, we can negotiate in-game.

Regardless, if you wish to trade leave your Time Standard and when you will be online.


Leave a brief message of what you are interested in.

I am running in CDT, to give you an idea of what is plausible in terms of a Trading Schedule.

Pokémon EX Full-Art's

Mew-EX Dragon's Exalted Non Full Art- 1 Legendary Treasure Mew + 1 Pack.


Cresselia-EX-Full Art- 3 Packs of Legendary Treasure. Fair Offers open.


Articuno-EX-Plasma Storm Full Art- 4 Packs.


Deoxys-EX Plasma Freeze Full Art- 1 Regular Art Plasma Freeze Deoxsy EX + 5 packs.

Additionally, I will Trade it for The Promo Version + 1 Genesect EX.


Pokémon EX Non-Full-Art


Secret Rares


Blastoise Plasma Storm Secret Rare- 7 Packs or Virizion EX.


Full Art Trainers


Ghetsis Full Art- 2 Packs + 1 Regular Ghetsis


Regular Trainers


Stadium- Fairy Garden X/Y - 0.5


Regular Rare's


X/Y Set


Xerneas- X/Y - 2 Packs



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Alright, sounds good dude! I was pretty frustrated that just as I started posting up stuff maintenance came up. But oh well, what can you do. Haha!

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Right on Slayer.....if you get there before I do I should have the lando and the packs tagged if you feel ambitious send me the offer, and thanks again !

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I would like to trade for your Mew EX FA, Cobalion EX FA, and Tornadus EX FA. See you in game! Thanks!


Edit: You don't have Cobalion EX FA tagged for trade so I will send offer for the other 2 right now.

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