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Blastoise/Keldeo Revamp


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4 Blastoise

1 Wartortle

4 Squirtle

3 Keldeo EX

3 Suicune


15 Water


3 Cilan

4 Professor's Letter

3 Superior Energy Retrieval

3 Ultra Ball

4 Skyla

4 Juniper

3 Rare Candy

1 Computer Search

3 N

2 Muscle Band


Very barebones, but potentially good for Keldeo that you can drop letters and Cilan on the same turn? thoughts? Is Ballista still better in a deck where a heavy energy count can give Keldeo a leg up to do more damage? Has anyone thought of using White Inferno White Kyurem??? Just some creative thinking, idk if its flawed or what. A high damage ceiling and better accel could make Keldeo the better option?

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the reason deldeo is not advised is because of mewtwo in the past and now Yveltal-ex and muscle band. Black kyurem is better because he cuts down his energy after he attacks thereby limiting yveltal/mewtwo's balls. both white kyurem and keldeo retain their high energy after they attack which isn't really a good thing to go against mewtwo/yvental

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