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General: Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs


General: Improvements to card loading process and overall game performance.


General: User experience updated to better guide new users through the user interface (UI) and the first several Trainer Challenge matches.


General: Updates to card appearance and foil effects.


Tournaments: Alpha testing of the Tournaments feature will occur periodically throughout the coming months. Users will receive a temporary allotment of Tournament Tickets for use during this testing period.


Gameplay: Added effects for attacks that don’t do damage, effects that place or move damage counters outside of the attack step, and damage reduction due to effects other than Resistance.


Gameplay: Added effects for start of game and change of turns.


Gameplay: Updated UI for card selection, end of game, coin flips, and other miscellaneous dialogs.


Gameplay: Updated UI for effects on cards in play while the card is zoomed.


Gameplay: Animations added for attacks of Fairy- and Dragon-type Pokémon.


Gameplay: Users who disconnect from a match against a computer-controlled opponent now return to that match after logging back into the game.


Chat: An alert icon appears on the Chat menu button if a new message arrives while the Chat window is minimized.


Trade: Trading away cards from a theme deck no longer makes that deck invalid for play.


Trade: Private trade offers automatically expire after 24 hours.

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One addition:


Collection: The quantity of an item in a user’s collection now displays the tradable quantity on the left and the non-tradable quantity on the right, rather than the total quantity on the left and the non-tradable quantity on the right.

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