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Window size reset upon update (too big to play anymore)


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Sure, I haven't playing on the TCG online lately, but something like this is preventing me from playing it at all.


Just now I updated the game and the window is, not fit-to-screen, not my preset, but so large that I can't see anything on the bottom half. Parts of each side are out of view, as well.


So something like going to settings and changing the window size is impossible since I believe the "OK" bottom is out of reach.


This whole situation seems funny, since, of all things, it's the window the game is in that's the issue.

Not loading screens. Not crashing.

The window size.


Any help would be appreciated. It's been months since I was last on and this is somewhat ridiculous.


[Edit: I was able to use the toolbar to make it full screen, which makes it fit vertically, however none of the resolutions fit my screen well enough. I have a 15" screen. This issue has never happened before with this game until now.]


[Edit 2: OK, I'm actually quite confused. After setting it to 640x480 and quitting the game, relaunching it, the resolution is fine. It now fits perfectly on the screen.

Actually, it's a bit small.

I'm not going to delete this thread because I think it's important that, for future reference, there aren't anymore resolution issues like this one.]

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Hi ZoroarkDisguise!


I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with resolution but glad to hear that you've found a fix. :)


For these situations, there are two solutions I'd normally suggest. The first would be to right-click your Pokémon TCG Online desktop icon, click "Properties", click the Compatibility tab and check "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution". The second would be to launch the game and click Alt+Enter to put the game into windowed mode. Both of these actions would hopefully allow you to get the game to fit your screen well enough to adjust the resolution via the Options panel in-game.


Thanks for your understanding, and please feel free to create a new thread or submit a ticket via the support portal if you need assistance with anything else!

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