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ideas for future updates


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hello people.


first off i'd like to say how awesome this game is. remember playing the TCG on my gameboy colour back in the day and i have just discovered this. awesome.


this has probably been asked tons of times before i'd imagine but apart from tournaments being introduced (which is pretty epic!) are there any plans to expand the single player game? or do you guys have any ideas that the developers could implement?


i have nearly 4 stars on all the trainers now and whilst you can still earn tokens from multiplayer i think it needs more.


maybe add new trophy challenges with smarter AI which give bigger rewards? or even just weekly challenges?


how about giving us say 5 tokens instead of just 1 for a multiplayer game.


i do realise that this is a free game so obviously rewards are going to be limited to persuade the player to buy codes etc. but i still think it needs more to prevent it going stale.


also a bit off topic - but does anyone have anymore info regarding the tournaments? i read the sticky in the announcements but it's pretty vague.


and as a new player i'm wondering how so many people have tons of EX cards, is it just a case of being around for so long and over that time have just accumulated them naturally with the free packs? or do alot of people spend RL $ on them?


and finally can anyone give me a rough estimate of how big this community is or how many people are online at peak times? i'm hoping the tournament release will bring back more people to the game.


alot of questions i know!


cheers :)

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Hi Carpsy,


We encourage you to keep checking back for any updates regarding Trainer Challenge and other single player features. As for information on tournaments, you can read through older Community Update posts in the News Archive for more details. :)


Otherwise, I'll send your suggestions to the Dev team for review and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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