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Hello Pokemon World!


It has been quite some time since I played this game, but I have returned nonetheless! (Did I use that word right? I'm not sure... Well, this is the internet so someone will correct me if I'm wrong!)




I've decided to make a Pack-Exchange-Thread! (Woot, Woot)


I will post my up-to-date stock on what I have at any given time on here. Obviously everything's negotiable and you can contact me in-game or on here.


READ THIS: Also! I don't want cards! "But I have 29 FA Darkrai and 12 Tropical Bea-" Guess what? I don't care. If you offer me cards for packs it is apparent that you can't read, and I don't really like people who can't read, so I won't trade with you. Probably.


Everyone really wants XY apparently so I'm gonna post those prices first and update everything else later in the week. Kthxbai


The Rates:


[TABLE=class: grid, width: 500]

You are Getting:

You are Giving:

Two (2) XY

Three (3) DRX, BC, DEX, or NXD (Any combination)

One (1) XY

Two (2) EP, NV, PS, PF, PB (Any combination)

One (1) XY

Four (4) LT

Five (5) XY

One (1) HGSS -T, -Unl, -Und, CoL (Any combination)



Woot woot. More to come, updates posted whenever I feel like it.

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Guys. Its his freedom to make any ratio.to get or not to get is depends on his skills in offering.no point for us arguing in his thread. :)

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