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General Bugs And Suggestions


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Hey everyone :) My name is Sam and I am hear today to shine the light on some tiny flaws in this game to hopefully make it more awesome! Before I start, i would like to say that I have been playing this game since the online version, and wow things have changed! So props to all the Moderators/Programmers working on this amazing game :)



Versus Mode:


1. Damage Swap/Sinister Hand Abilities:

If you have played this game doe a while you probably know what I am talking about. Both of the abilities (Damage Swap and Sinister Hand) are an annoying inconvenience. When you use the ability, it takes approximately 5 clicks to move one damage counter, which takes too much time if your gonna spread damage on the board. This can be fixed and here is my suggestion:


When the ability Sinister Hand is used, each of your opponent's benched pokemon becomes highlighted with a Plus and Minus sign on each one. There is also a counter of the total damage on the field somewhere on the screen. When you hit the plus sign, that pokemon gets one damage counter moved to it, and if you hit the minus sign on a pokemon with damage on it, that pokemon has one damage counter healed from it. Nothing gets knocked out until you hit a button that says your done using the ability. This will help prevent people from accidentally knocking out a pokemon. I hope I made this easy to in-vision, as i tried my best.



2. Evosoda:


The player going second can use Evosoda on his first turn. This is really frustrating against those Trevenant decks, and hopefully this won't be a hard one to fix.


3. Laser/Virbank:

Sometimes when their is a Virbank City Gym in play and you use Hypnotoxic Laser, your opponent's active pokemon only gets one damage counter on it instead of three, excluding the effect of Virbank. I haven't been able to figure out how this happens, but it has happened several times and could potentially be a game changer.




1. Filter:

A filter should be added to the public trades section. This would help new players get specific types of pokemon they need. I often see new players in Lobbies looking fro Water type pokemon or Fire type pokemon. This would help them find what they need for their decks. This filter should look similar to the filter found in the "Collection".


2. Tabs:

Since now when you want to set up a trade things are sorted into 6 different categories, the public trades section should also be sorted this way. There is no good why to look for Packs on the public trades section, since when you type in "Pack" nothing appears. I really think that having tabs would organize things a lot more and help in finding the items you need.



3. Setting Up Trades:


First off, I would like to give props to the programmers for heavily improving this mechanic in the latest update. I believe that after you add a card, it should have a Plus sign and a Minus sign on it. This will make adding and removing cards much more easier than it already is and shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. There is also a bug when countering trades that prevents you from discarding an item your opponent is offering. This is not supposed to happen, and having the plus and minus signs should fix this issue too.



1. Chat Tab:

The chat tab in it's current position is a big hindrance. The previous location of the chat tab was perfect. You could see the game properly and chat simultaneously, which is how a chat tab should work. If you don't wanna chat you could easily hide it and things would be fine. This chat tab is too big. while its opened, it occupies almost a third of the screen which is ridiculous! I really think that returning the chat tab to its previous form would be a step in the right direction.


2. Performance:

Before I begin, I would like to mention that my computer has 16 Gigs of RAM. A lot of people complain about the performance of this program. I am not one of those people, but I have noticed something. When I first open the program, for the first 10-15 minutes everything is perfect and running smooth. As I keep on playing it slowly gets starts lagging more and more until the point where I have to stop playing and restart the client. This is a programming issue. No other program I have ever used does this. I am not really educated in the field of programming, but I am pretty sure something could be done to make the client run smoother.





This pretty much raps up all the flaws I could find while playing this version of the game. I would like to congratulate all the staff working on this game on behalf of every pokemon trainer who plays this game on making such a fun game. You have managed to give us countless hours of enjoyment, and for that we would like to say thank you. I hope the flaws above would be dealt with as soon as possible, as that would make this game even better!


I hope I helped and thank you for reading this!


P.S - Please bring "Tournaments" soon :(

I would love some sort of a prize for making this thread :) Maybe that Zekrom outfit someone was wearing during the online client version days. He knows who he is ;)

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