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Tournament Series: Fame & Glory! #2


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Welcome to the second edition of the Fame & Glory! tournament series! :cool:





1. Best-of-three single elimination.

2. Brackets will be generated on Challonge.

3. Modified/Standard mode.

4. Amount of participants: Eight, sixteen or thirty-two teams!

5. That's right! This time we're up for some tag-team action! How does this work, you ask?


A. You pick a partner and then you both sign up here stating your intention to participate as a team, or...

B. You sign up stating your intention to participate and ask the TO to pair you up with another participant.


When you get matched up with another team, each player must play a bo1 match with their opponent. If two players of one team both win their bo1 games, they advance to the next round. If one player of the team wins and the other loses, the winners must face off in game 3 to determine who advances to the next round. Here are some examples to ensure you got it right:


Scenario 1:


Team A vs Team B


Player one of Team A defeats player one of Team B.

Player two of Team A defeats player two of Team B.


Verdict: Team A advances to the next round.


Scenario 2:


Player one of Team A defeats player one of Team B.

Player two of Team A loses to player two of Team B.


Game three is now required:


Player one of Team A must play against player two of Team B. Whoever wins this game will advance along with their partner to the next round. Other team is eliminated from the tournament.





1. You cannot run any Pokemon EX in your decks!

2. Deck lock per round. You are only allowed to change your deck after you advance to the next round.

3. Exploiting bugs is prohibited at all times.

4. Fair play and sportsmanship above all. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

5. Sign up by stating your intention to participate in this tournament and include your timezone in your post. First come, first served.

6. Deadline for sign-ups: March 24th, 10:00AM PST or 6:00PM GMT.

7. Deadline for each round: Five exact days after the beginning of the previous round. In case you are having trouble scheduling with your opponent, request an extension from the Tournament Organizer. I can only allow a 24-hour extension, max.

8. Breaking any of the tournament rules will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament, and possibly a ban from future ones.

9. TO's final ruling is law.




Supreme Champions: Eighteen XY packs (Nine XY packs for each) and an invitation to the Series Finale!

Worthy Adversaries: Fourteen XY packs! (Seven XY packs each)




Any questions, shoot!

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List of participating teams:


1. Goody Two-Fairies: Vinbali & Chrryllia. confirmed

2. Spooky Grass Power: Grizzlych & Dalek2011. confirmed

3. Flubarocious Free-dom Fighters: Freespirit & ImMrFlubaDub. confirmed

4. Nameless: ChampionSnivy6 & N3N2N1. confirmed

5. Nameless: Aoi-Mitsuhide & War_Greymon. confirmed

6. Coolliketheothersideofthepillow: C_Huynh1712 & DesDaddy. confirmed

7. DarkGenesis: Hypnotoxic & NightSpear90. confirmed

8. Double N's Mafia: Nindinuga & Nevol13. confirmed

9. The Elemonators: Buenas30 & Cymantex. confirmed

10. Nameless: Seeker33 & DarkDragon007. confirmed

11. MachAttack: Micah477 & TheBoss99a. confirmed

12. Young95: SBYoungMoney & Jery95. confirmed

13. MaxWee: MaxGoddy & Jasonwee. confirmed

14. Nameless: Supernova51D & PKMNKINGNIK. confirmed

15. Nameless: Jacearveduin & Wronglai. confirmed

16. NeedForFun: Imbadigo & NWC. confirmed


Team Hide_Greymon vs Double N's Mafia



Flubarocious Freedom Fighters vs MachAttack

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Hello :D. I would like to play in this tournament. I'll try to find a partner soon. Thanks :D


Update : I'll be playing with Vinbali in this tournament. We'll come up with a nice name later :D

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I forgot to mention this:


Whoever comes up with the coolest, funniest or most creative name for their team, will win four random booster packs! (Two packs for each player) :D


And as said, if you face any trouble finding a partner, lemme know and I'll hook u up! Feel free to ask a free player to form a team with you on this thread. :)

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... I've already got a team name, PM it to you or just put it here?


You gotta form the team first, man. :D


When you do, post it here. Sadly, this forum doesn't support PM system.

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*facepalm* Feels weird not having one of those. Off to find a partner! Not that I'm too worried about this name being taken.


Actually: Hey Cherryllia, feel like teaming up with a noob who has no chance of winning :D

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Second post updated with teams and team-less players info.


Please, have your teammates post their confirmation of tagging with you as soon as possible - I need to keep everything in check here.


Keep signing up! :)

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I confirm being with c_huynh for this tourney. we'll get a team name to you soon i'm sure, unless i can convince him to find a better player than me to play with, lol. maybe he wrote since "this is for fun" he's ok with a low-caliber player like me. :)


Najito, thanks for the tourney, neat idea! May I make a strange request or 2? Instead of having team 1 vs. team 2, and team 3 vs. team 4, etc. (the same ol' boring way), and since it's March Madness, can we do the tourney "bracket" style? Say there are 16 teams, can the format be:


Round 1

Game 1 - Team 1 vs. Team 16

Game 2 - Team 2 vs. Team 15

Game 3 - Team 3 vs. Team 14

Game 4 - Team 4 vs. Team 13

Game 5 - Team 5 vs. Team 12

Game 6 - Team 6 vs. Team 11

Game 7 - Team 7 vs. Team 10

Game 8 - Team 8 vs. Team 9


Then, 2nd round would be:

Game 9 - Winner of 1 vs. 16 against winner of 8 vs. 9

Game 10 - Winner of 2 vs. 15 against winner of 7 vs. 10

Game 11 - Winner of 3 vs. 14 against winner of 6 vs. 11

Game 12 - Winner of 4 vs. 13 against winner of 5 vs. 12


Semis would be:

Game 13 - Winner of Game 9 vs. Winner of Game 12

Game 14 - Winner of Game 10 vs. Winner of Game 11


Finals would be:

Game 15 - Winner of Game 13 vs. Winner of Game 14


Or is this too confusing or too strange of a request? If you're not a NCAA basketball fan that is cool. Just tell me to shut up (in a polite way so it's not filtered, lol) and tell me to make my own tourney or something, LOL.


Anyways, I just wanted to help make a nice balanced tourney and not have a bunch of talent going out in 1st round, but spread everyone around for a quality tourney. Plus, all the eager joiners who joined up first wouldn't play each other early, and all the lazy bums who joined later wouldn't play vs. each other early. If that makes sense.


Thanks again! Looking forward to the tourney.


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