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Authorization Failure - Screen a


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Hey! My friend recently downloaded PTCGO, but when he got to the login screen, any attempt to login brought him a screen saying he needed to create a Screen Name, but he already did create his Screen Name, has Submitted all the info on the PTCGO Settings.

I also tried logging into his account to see if it was a problem for his PC, but it also didn't work on my own PC.

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Hi Taruzard,


I'd recommend that your friend contact the Support Team for his issue. They should be able to help clear this one up.

Please make sure that your friend sends in the ticket himself or the team won't be able to give much help for safety reasons.


If he doesn't already know how, your friend can find the Support Portal at the bottom of any page once logged in to his account or by clicking the link in the mod's signatures.



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