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Pokemon Psychic/Steel Mill


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3-3-3 Aggron (Dragons Exalted)

2-2 Swoobat (Boundaries Crossed)

2-2 Weezing (Plasma Storm)

2-2 Xatu (Legendary Treasures)

2 Mew EX (Dragons Exalted)

1 Dialga EX (Plasma Blast)

1 Registeel EX (Dragons Exalted)

1 Mewtwo EX (Promo)

1 Cobalion EX (Plasma Storm)


3 Devolution Spray

2 Coloress Machine

1 Cillan

2 Cheren

2 Greatball

2 Hypnotoxic Lazer

2 Pokemon Catchers

2 Energy Search

2 Rescue Scarfs (For Weezing)


4 Plasma Energy

2 Blend Energy P,F,D,G

2 Blend Energy F,W,S,E

4 Psychic Energy

3 Steel Energy


This deck utilizes the newfound mill mechanic in the Modified Format along with power to get prize cards if need be. I am open for suggestions! Thanks!

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remove 2 Lairons, Cilan and great balls and replace them with candies and Ghetsis. and energy search, rescue scarf and weezing line also, replace it with tool scrapper, more catchers and ghetsis. i cant think in anything else. let see what the rest says

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First things first. Cilan, Energy Search, both obsolete and unnecessary. Use Prof's Letter if needed. Secondly, ADD MORE DRAW SUPPORTERS! You are going to rely on top-decks too much and that makes it way too inconsistent. Some interesting supporters can be used here as well like Cedric Juniper and Hugh, but you should probably add more consistent draw cards (like Juniper, Shauna, N and Colress) (A typically good number of draw supporters is 8+, usually 10 to 12). Cassius and Scoop Up Cyclone are good to get Aggrons back and force more discards.


Among things to remove, I see many options. Given that Milling is your primary strategy, I would say, remove Mewtwo EX, Registeel EX, Cobalion EX and maybe even Mew EX. Dialga EX can do fair damage while milling, so that would be good enough if you want to do damage at all. Also, with Dialga's first attack, you can get back devolution sprays or other necessary items/supporters if needed, so maybe add another Dialga EX.


Remove Lasers and Catchers. They aren't too important and are inconsistent (assuming you're going for sleep with lasers). Replace Great Balls with Level Balls and Heavy Balls since they now suffice for most of your Pokemon. Add an ultra ball or two as well for more versatility and consistency. Add float stones/switching cards to take care of retreat costs.


Remove Blend energies, since you only need two types of energies (Psychic and Metal). In such cases, using basic energies is better because you can search for them and transfer them via Exp. Share etc., which could be useful if used on Swoobat. Blend energies don't add anything more than the basic energies.


@Battler077 - Ghetsis is not good because it shuffles cards back to the deck. Doesn't work well when you're trying to deck someone out. Also, removing Lairons doesn't help because you're gonna be using devo spray quite often and you want to keep evolving and devolving quite often to send more cards to discard. Rescue Scarf is good because you can use it on Weezing and Aggron lines to keep milling.



There are many more changes that would need to be made in order to make this deck work, but I cannot spot those in this decklist right now.

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One quick note:


Most decks run Tool Scrapper these days; if you run only several passive-effect tools, they are very likely to get discarded by your opponent before they can even be useful. Unless you run enough passive tools to slowly use up your opponent's scrappers one by one, IMO you should just drop running the tools entirely in favor of something you can depend on being useful (like many of panda's suggestions!).


Also, without ability Gardevoir, Swoobat is probably not worth running: he gets KO'd way too easily and too soon, especially if they use Catcher or Red Signal.

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