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Dodrio-Gigalith deck.


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Hi guys,


I'm playing with my gigalith-dodrio deck for a mount and got pretty cool results with that. It's basicly going with Gigalith's Revenge Cannon attacks. A Rock And a DCE works the HIT 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on your bench pokemon.


In the building The Dodrio - Pre BW with poke-power of "retreat aid" reduce two energy of my active pokemon's retreat costs. And I also add several Skyarrow Bridge for limitless retreating almost without lose an energy. So adding some strong HP pokemons with great staller and hitter so you can prepare your bench for Dodrio and Gigalith.


I'm using Tornadus ex for drawing ability (6 new cards end of the turn)to set-up quickly, Thundurus ex for Stall and hit, and Landorus ex for great hit. These EX's gives me lots credit to set-up my deck. And after 3-4 turns I'm ready with full of damaged EX cards and Retreat them for massive hit Revenge Cannon with Gigalith. If you retreat them on time you can even hit 500 for each turn.


Using Rock-lightning pokemons are also makes me advantage of Darkrai-Yveltal decks whose are covered the game.


At the end, adding garbotoxin will be necessary to protect your pokemon from dusknoir's Sinister Hands if the oppenent try to use it or use the other cards with great abilities since you dont have a pokemon with ability.


Card list is pretty much like that.


Pokemons (22)

3-2-3 Gigalith

2x Landorus

2x Tornadus

2x Thundurus

2x Doduo

2x Dodrio

2x trubbish

2x Garbotoxin




2x Rare Candy

2x Escape rope

4x Float Stone

4x Ultra Ball

3x Evoilite

4x Skyarrow Bridge

4x Evosoda



7 Rock

4 lightning

4 Blend energy(WSLR)


I played with this countless time and won lots of it, especially after the set-up you scould see the desperation.

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Hey bro..interesting deck..I have 1 similar.instead of dodrio and skyarrow bridge.i put keldeo ex and float stone and it's a lot btr. :)

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thanks for comment, btw there is a one point you shouldn't ignore that Keldeo's ability won't work with Garbotoxin so it can not be unstoppable. But wise choise for quicker set-up.

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